Request for Proposals (RFP) & Contractor Positions

Role Description:

Reporting to the Programs Manager, the Manitoba Lesson Plan Adaptation Expert is responsible for adapting the Lesson Plans on the Student Mental Health Toolkit from the BC curriculum to the Manitoba school curriculum.


  • Degree in education, preferably a Bachelors of Education or Masters of Education or Teaching. Can be in school still for a degree in education
  • In-depth knowledge of the Manitoba curriculum
  • Experience with lesson plans and other educational resources
  • Proficiency in English

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Adapting the Lesson Plans housed on the Student Mental Health Toolkit from the BC curriculum to the Manitoba curriculum
  • Responsible for making curriculum connections to the Manitoba curriculum based on existing content
  • Ensuring that all Lesson Plan content remains cross-curricular based on the Manitoba curriculum
  • Make Manitoba based curriculum creative and engaging

General Requirements for Role:

  1. Strong internet connection
  2. Use of own technology (laptop or tablet) with ability to use Zoom

This position will be available commencing Oct 15, 2022

This posting will remain until a suitable candidate is found

Financial compensation to be negotiated.

NOTE: This is not an employment position.

This opportunity is of a CONTRACT nature and the successful contractor will be responsible for all WorkSafeBC premiums, CPP, EI contributions and remitting their own tax installments


REFER TO: Manitoba Curriculum Adaptation Expert



Do you have a passion for mental health?

Are you keen to share your personal story of challenge and triumph?

Stigma Free Society is currently recruiting mental health champions to
facilitate their flagship program “Virtual Stigma-Free Presentation Program.”

Stigma-Free presentations all take place virtually over Zoom or Teams and are 45 min to 1
hour in length. We deliver presentations to groups of students in grades 4-7 and grades 8-12.

We are seeking presenters that can fill both roles.

Co-presenters act as a guide for the presentation by introducing and hosting the presentation.
They also answer any questions the students may have along with the Personal Story presenter
at the end of the presentation. Training for this role involves learning the brochures thoroughly
enough so that you are not reading directly from them and are sharing the information to the
students in an engaging way.

Being a Personal Story presenter entails sharing your story of mental health/mental illness
and/or an intersecting form of stigma (i.e. learning disability, race, sexual orientation, etc.) for
about 12-15 minutes. Training for this involves writing and presenting your story, as well as
practicing it so it feels natural and you are not just reading from your notes.

What will you be doing?

  1. Training is approx. 10 hours to become a presenter. We pay you $200 to get you trained up.
  2. Be on a training roster for when we have interested schools or organizations that want to book
    the training.  If you are successfully booked and have fulfilled the training, we pay you $100.00
    for each virtual presentation you do.

You will be paired with another virtual co-presenter so you are never alone.

What you need:

  1. To be in the age range of:14+
  2. Reliable internet and basic ability to use Zoom and Teams.
  3. Effective presentation skills
  4. A passion to make a positive impact in the world.
  5. Send us your resume and we will send you an interest package that will require a short video from
    you and a consent form that also asks you why you want to be a mental health advocate with
    Stigma-Free Society.

Stigma Free Society wishes to do the first round of training on September 20th, 2022. We will
be in touch with interested candidates to do a short interview as a starting point.

Deadline to submit your package is September 1, 2022 for this call for presenters.

Stigma Free Society is seeking a qualified team of presenters to design and facilitate 1- and 2-day
workshops for our Rural Peer Support Program.

Stigma Free Society is a registered Canadian charity since 2010 and has designed programs providing
education about stigmas with an emphasis on mental health and peer support for those facing mental
health challenges with a special focus on youth.

Peer Support is emotional and practical support between two people who share a common experience,
such as a mental health challenge or illness. A Peer Supporter has lived through that similar experience
and is trained to support one another. for more detail of Canadian Standards of Practice

Objectives that should be met by the Contractor of the RFP

  1. Spark interest and teach skills to new rural peer support facilitators with the goal that the
    participants will start local peer support groups
  2. Understand the significance of a rural peer support program and the challenges people face in
    rural communities
  3. Create contact dbase to enable communication and follow up regarding peer support startups
  4. Create handbook and manual for participant reference
  5. Provide small workshop component on how to start a rural peer support group
  6. Take attendance of participants for certification purposes and reporting to funder purposes
  7. Provide workshops in virtual format considering various time zones across Canada
  8. Perform 4 sets of workshops per year with dates committed to one year in advance
  9. Design workshops for 1- and 2-day attendance as per participants requests and provide
    certification of 1- or 2-day attendance
  10. Provide zoom meeting space, laptops, and any other technical equipment
  11. Evaluation survey to be done with each round of participants
  12. SFS will report on how many peer support programs have been started and where; twice yearly

Objectives that would be met by Stigma Free Society

  1. We will social media market the sessions across our networks.
  2. We will secure participants through our new online booking system.
  3. We will provide a MOU for signature of both parties

Ideal Qualifications: Contractors are to be Certified by PeerSupportCanada or equivalent. Two years
experience or more. Some event planning experience to share with potential peer support leaders.
Other ideal qualifications are shared experiences, zoom proficient, survey monkey proficient, event
planning or community development experience. Engaging and motivating.

Submit your proposals to: subject line: RFP – Rural Peer Support
Facilitators; stating:

  1. Qualifications,
  2. Experience,
  3. Company website,
  4. Suggested delivery format
  5. Schedule with optimum delivery dates
  6. Instructional outline
  7. Expected fee remuneration.

First workshop is anticipated for October 2022 following thanksgiving.