The Stigma-Free Society is a Canadian Charity registered since 2010 and its mandate is to  eliminate stigma of all kinds with a focus on mental health. The Society performs their work by providing preventative education and empowering people to share their lived experiences with mental health, mental illness and stigma.

The Stigma-Free Society offers unique and engaging virtual school presentations about overall stigma with a focus on mental health. Virtual presenters share their personal stories and offer knowledge on the topic of mental health and stigma. The Charity also delivers virtual programs that offer resources and peer support training for rural and agricultural communities across Canada.

Request for Proposals (RFP) and Contractor Positions

The Stigma-Free Society often seeks remote professional contractors for the development of our programs. The Society also posts Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that assist in the deliver our unique anti-stigma and mental health programming.

If you feel that you are a fit for a RFP and/or a contractor position, please apply today!

Employment Opportunities

The Stigma-Free Society is an ever-growing Charity that hires new remote employment positions to conduct our valuable work. These positions are for ’employment’ aside from contractors and requests for proposals. Please apply today, if you feel that you are a fit for one of our employment opportunities.