Jenny’s Inspiring Story – The Impact of the Teens2Twenties Support Group

JennySeven years ago, I met Andrea Paquette and seven years ago, she and the Bipolar babe Teens2Twenties program saved my life.

Back then I wasn’t who I am today. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of seven years old and it was at that age that I first attempted to commit suicide. Even being this young I knew I didn’t want to live because the feelings I had were too strong and I couldn’t understand how everything could be so painful. I thought life would always be that way and it started a very self-destructive cycle that took years to break.

Over the next several years I would be shuffled from foster home to foster home, my mental health would deteriorate rapidly and unfortunately, I would begin to normalize abusive situations. I developed a serious eating disorder, drug addiction and would go through various intense psychotic episodes which would result in hospitalizations due to my Bipolar Disorder.

Over the years, I would be hospitalized repeatedly due to self-harm. At my worst, I received forty-seven staples for self-inflicted wounds just to be released from the hospital and given no help what so ever, I was told I was a lost cause by doctors, nurses, friends and family.

When I aged out of foster care, I was put on permanent disability and was not expected to ever recover. My case was “difficult” and I wasn’t reacting to therapy and medication properly so I felt there was no way I would ever escape the torture that I was feeling on a day to day basis. I was unable to work, go grocery shopping, fill out forms or do normal day to day tasks such as cooking or cleaning. If I opened my eyes and reality set in, I would start crying and take more pills to fall asleep because being awake hurt too much.

At 20 years, old I met Andrea and I had no idea that it would change my life, she and the Society gave me purpose and a community ofshutterstock_126377570-2 people I could relate to. She gave me work and volunteer experience, she provided me with tons of resources such as guidance on how to assess proper psychiatric care, counseling and I attended the Teens2Twenties Support Group over the years. She eventually hired me as a group facilitator for the Society’s Women’s Group, supported my art and mostly importantly supported me. She and the Society saved my life.

Now I’m twenty-seven, I’ve gone to school full time and I currently work at a hair salon with the position of assistant manager and advanced stylist. I no longer suffer from psychotic episodes and my Bipolar Disorder is considered to be in stable condition, I no longer self-harm, I recovered from my drug addiction and eating disorder. I sell my art, volunteer, practice yoga and dance and I’m a very active part of my community.

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Andrea, she and her Society literally saved my life and all I want is for others like me to have the chance I did!


Why Take Part in Giving Tuesday?

stigma free zoneDONATE HERE 🙂

Stigma-Free Society is launching our end of year CHAMPION CAMPAIGN this #GivingTuesday!

#GivingTuesday is a national day dedicated to giving. It is an initiative responding to the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and is a day when Canadian charities, businesses, and individuals come together for one simple purpose: to celebrate giving and give back.

Starting on #GivingTuesday – November 29 until December 31, 2016, we are raising funds to expand our Stigma-Free Zone Superheroes’ Classroom Presentations Program, and we invite you to become one of our champions!

We have been offering school education programs on mental health and stigma-stomping since 2010, and annually reach over 3,000 youth- and we’re not stopping there! With your support we aim to expand our program to an additional 30 schools in Metro Vancouver and Victoria, BC.

That is 30 extra schools! The cost of reaching each of these locations is approximately $300 per school, which makes our CHAMPION CAMPAIGN goal $9,000.


You can make a HUGE difference in a young person’s life by making a donation today.

Every gift receives a full tax receipt and major gratitude, however with a $300 donation, or $25 monthly commitment, you will underwrite 100% the cost of one of these programs, and receive these additional benefits:

  • verbal and written recognition as a school Champion on our extensive social media contacts;
  • report on the impact of your gift;
  • a story written by a participating student; and
  • an exclusive invitation for you and a guest to join us for a presentation to see your gift in action.


Help us reach our goal by December 31, 2016! Whether you make a one-time gift or become a monthly donor you are helping to change perceptions and attitudes about stigma and bringing mental health support to countless youth.

Join the movement!


What is a Stigma-Free Zone Superhero Classroom Presentations Program?

stigma free zoneThere are numerous stigmas in society, such as mental health issues, that contribute to many young people feeling alienated and not being accepted and understood by their peers. This Program encourages students to be agents of change, and become Stigma Stomping Superheroes, by learning about the stigmas that cause others to be seen as ‘different.’ Students learn about the trauma caused by bullying and recognize the negative consequences. Most importantly, youth are prompted to take action against stigma in their school and as part of their daily lives. The Stigma-Free Zone Program also offers students the opportunity to “claim” their classroom, and eventually their school, as a ‘Stigma-Free Zone.’

Watch Andrea Paquette, Founder and Executive Director’s personal story and the creation of the Stigma-Free Society. Courtesy of Coast Mental Health – 2015 Courage To Come Back Awards.

Guest Poem by Carlie Kilduff – The Voice of Depression

I am the voice of depression, speaking through an open, willing, although somewhat uncomfortable and reluctant vessel…
But she is trying to make space for me, to welcome me, befriend me, setting the table for tea, wishing to speak with me
I am but a messenger, a visitor
Moving through your space from time to time

I sense that I am most unwanted, like some hideous beast
I’m frightening, I’m heavy, and I can be all consuming when turned away
You think that I am ugly and you run from me
Holding the door shut, you do any number of things to pretend I’m not there
Distract, divert, run away

But keeping up your games exhausts you and hurts you way more than I would ever wish to do
You live with me constantly knocking at your door….why won’t you let me in?
Like a ragamuffin child, dirty, unkempt, wild, unpredictable, unruly, and persistent, I simply wish for your attention
Can you love me too? Can you welcome me into your home? Even when I don’t play by your rules? I am a game changer…and you know it…but how much suffering are you willing or able to endure to avoid me? What is your cost? Is it worth it?

I come to teach you, to hold you, to comfort you, to nourish your aching bones, to transform, to rewire, to heal…but it is me that you must feel…
You are so scared of me. The mention of my name sends most people sprinting. You don’t want to talk about me. When your friends smell too much like me, as I may be closer to their doors than yours, you freeze, back away, give me (give them) lip service…that you care, that you’re there, but truly I’m aware that you are impaired…you have no clue, no idea what to do…

You all want a quick fix, instant reward. You’d let me in if you knew I’d never come again, but you’re not prepared for a lifelong relationship.
You give me all sorts of offerings
You throw medication at me as if that’s what I want or what I need…just begging me to leave
You serve up the greatest parts of your life pushing me away…after all, this is the comfortable “Being tough”, “being strong”, “pushing along” way we see

But what would a visit with me possible offer? Who knows, not many go there…
And some who do are the ones who have lost the strength to resist me but still when swarmed by my essence, they detest me…if only they could see my disguised beauty, that loving me, hearing me, honoring me, would be the end of my suffocating, burdensome demeanor…

I am the hardest house guest you’ll ever entertain, but think again: Is the child in tantrum unworthy of love and attention?
When can we meet with space and grace?
When can I show you my face? It’s only as ugly as all that you have not been ready to see
I am a shadow gift if you’d take me
My beauty grows steadily with safety and security

Truly, when you invite me to your table for tea, I am gentle, I am wise, I am loving, and I bring you brilliant gifts…most of all, when called, I give you peace and rest. I offer small gift installments, one by one, and I leave you time to open them and try them on for size
When I know and trust that you aren’t afraid of me, don’t think I’m ugly, I can visit freely…I don’t have to set up camp in your backyard

You are I can become friends
In the end, perhaps you can love me
Who am I, you ask, aside from that which you have coined me: Depression?
Hang out with me long enough and I will reveal that I am the best version of you, the best version of our world….yearning, pining….

I am God redesigning

With much love and deep gratitude, written by Carlie Kilduff

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