My Bipolar Paradox

Appreciating the clouds as the sun shines on my face,
Still frames in my mind of thoughts I cannot erase.
Feelings of home, remembering all the places I’ve been,
Falling in and out of love, only to lose and never win.

Even if I am held close, I will still feel so alone.
Mired in my turmoil from seeds I have sown.
Trying to chase laughter, instead feeling a deep cry,
Having said hello, but only again to say goodbye.

Hope travels in my soul with pain that won’t end,
Isolation at times eased with words from a friend.
Moods often glow bright, then transform into fire,
Desiring endless energy, but only to sleep and tire.

As my day turns into the blackness of night,
Wanting to give in, but still yearning to fight.
Teary pools fill my pupils, trying to force a smile,
I want to let go, but choose to hold on for a while.