World Bipolar Day

It is world BIPOLAR day! I am so happy that there is a day to recognize those with bipolar disorder and the brave fight we all step to every day we wake up. I used to be ashamed of my illness, holding back telling room mates and my past boyfriends or anyone for that matter. I have been met with fear, criticism, and dislike because of my illness, but more importantly others have met me with compassion, love and an appreciation for what I do. I now call those people friends and when my current boyfriend met me there was no judgment – no fear. Considering my suicide attempt in the past, I never thought in a MILLION years that I would be here today presenting to youth about my story and educating them to be empathetic and understanding. I run two support groups and have created 3 in total for people who are looking to lead a healthier life and find friendships. I love my life and I am more that proud to admit I have bipolar and it is simply what I have, it is not who I am. Would I change anything? NO, because without bipolar our non-profit would not exist and neither would all the beauty that has come with being the BIPOLAR BABE. I am happy, satisfied and most of all living an extraordinary life.

So what does today mean to me?  It is a step closer to acceptance and a stigma free attitude toward people with bipolar disorder.  I see it as a reason to stand up and be proud and not feel the wrath of shame upon us.  I see it as a reason to celebrate that a lot of us simply have an illness and it doesn't reflect who we are or define our character.

Thank you all for your love! XO