It's a long road

  I was diagnosed with depression,severe Agoraphobia, anxiety and Bi-Polar Disorder in 2007, I was 32 at the time. My breaking point was when my daughter was born 9 weeks early weighing 2lbs 6oz. She spent two months in hospital, so trying to see her every day, and having 2 other kids at home to […]

My Little Story

  My name is Deborah and I have Bipolar Disorder. A simple straight forward introduction to my story.   I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2004. Since then I have been through a lot of difficult and trying times. Let’s get started by telling you how it came to be getting the diagnosis.   […]

Robby Then and Now

“I will be very brief when it comes to my childhood.  My mom was amazing and removed myself and my sister from an abusive situation involving our alcoholic father when I was 5.  After that life was pretty good.  I would say I was a little withdrawn and very shy growing up until I hit […]

Thinly Veiled Light

I’m sitting in our room in the Holiday Inn in downtown Portland, Maine, waiting for my husband to apply scar cream on my stomach and legs. Apparently, I’m on a business trip, though it isn’t mine. Because of my current profession (writer), I’m able to tag along with him. As long as there’s adequate wi-fi […]