Help Guide for Living with Bipolar Disorder

No matter how down or out of control you feel, it is important to remember that you are not powerless when it comes to bipolar disorder. Beyond the treatment you get from your doctor or therapist, there are many things you can do for yourself to reduce your symptoms and stay on track.

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‘Dudes and Dogs’ program aims to help men talk about mental health

When Rob Osman feels the anxiety creeping in, he laces up his shoes and puts a leash on his Hungarian Vizsla, Mali. As the two walk, he feels his body relax as the tension melts away.

“I’m not saying anything new when I say going into the fresh air makes you feel better,” the 38-year-old from Bristol, England, told TODAY. “Just the realization of just how beneficial that time with the dog has been.”

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10 Mental Health Resources You Never Knew You Had

You probably already know that there’s help out there for those times when you’re not feeling like yourself. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or something you can’t quite name, there are mental health resources you can access throughout Canada. The question is, how do you know which one to turn to and how to get in touch? We’ve got all the names, numbers and links you’ll need right here so that you can find support for yourself or for someone you love.

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Silken Laumann: Olympian, Inspirational Speaker and Author

From broken bones and shredded muscle to Olympic glory… Silken’s story is one of courage, perseverance and the triumph of the human spirit.

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Rena Varley – Release from Shame: Genetic counselling can relieve people of guilt that accompanies mental illness

When the bottom fell out for Rina Varley, she was unable to work, and didn’t even have a name for her illness.

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Unsocial media — Where the vile finds its voice

Niki Sharma in Vancouver, BC. March 29, 2016. Sharma has been the subject of an online racial slur, to which she took issue with the woman who uttered the slur and got an apology.

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Body-Shamed Retail Worker Becomes A Role Model For Women THIS is the reason young girls have body image issues.

Sherene Marie Zarrabi is a senior marketing major at Oklahoma State University. When she wasn’t in class, Zarrabi worked a part-time job at fashion store Dainty Hooligan in Stillwater, Oklahoma. When work was slow, she would occasionally model some of the store’s clothes and snap a picture for Instagram.

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Stigma Magazine is one of Canada’s premier publications addressing the needs of the one in five people who experience a mental illness or substance use problem in their lifetime.

Stigma presents informative and inspiring articles that show readers not just how to deal with their issues, but how to enjoy a healthy life.

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Suicide on Campus and the Pressure of Perfection

A traveling exhibition by Active Minds, an advocacy group, consists of 1,100 backpacks representing the approximate number of undergraduates who commit suicide each year.

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Times Colonist: Local Victoria Teen Speaks Out About her Struggles with Bipolar