Schools with students Grades 4-12 are given the Virtual Stigma-Free School Program and other resources such as the Student Mental Health Toolkit to work towards their Stigma-Free Zone designations by adopting the following criteria.


  1. Schools become a Stigma-Free Zone by committing to participating in the Virtual Stigma-Free School Program and receiving Virtual Q&A Session Presentations that reach a minimum of one full grade of students at a school or the entire school. Thereafter, the school commits to hosting presentations for the entire school annually OR to the new slate of students attending the school each year. Presenters share their personal story and bring awareness on the topic of stigmas with a focus on mental health and reaching out for help. Presentations are given virtually over Zoom or Microsoft Teams and are about 30 minutes long.
  2. School presentations encourage students take the Stigma-Free Pledge and Stigma-Free Tool online via
  3. Schools display a Stigma-Free Zone poster(s) that outlines a call to ‘ACTION’ on how to live ‘stigma-free’ in the counseling office and other chosen areas of the school.
  4. The Society provides Stigma-Free Zone window decals to place around the school to identify the space as fully designated, which reminds and encourages students to live stigma-free and to visit our website for more information.
  5. The school designates one or more Stigma-Free Champion(s) to lead and cultivate the Stigma-Free Zone initiative at their school.
  6. The Stigma-Free Zone Champion(s) commit to working with the Stigma-Free Zone Task Force on an ongoing basis to perform activities at the school that are meaningful, thoughtful and tailored to their respective school to maintain the Stigma-Free Zone designation.
  7. Schools receive a Stigma-Free Zone declaration plaque signed by the Principal and a Stigma-Free Champion, which is showcased in the entrance way of the school to identify the school’s commitment to live stigma-free. The plaque also encourages students and visitors to come to our website: to learn more about the Stigma-Free Zone Movement and inform them how to be an active part of promoting a Stigma-Free culture at their school.
  8. Our Charity only requests a small annual donation to the Society of $300 depending on the school’s ability to pay. The donation contributes to ongoing costs to the Society to maintain the program at a school on a yearly basis for materials, human resources, etc.

We are open to hearing from you about your thoughts and ideas for designating Stigma-Free Zones as this Movement is an ever-developing organic process. We support and encourage you in maintaining a Stigma-Free Zone that promotes awareness, understanding and acceptance. Please feel free to Contact Us and we look forward to your innovative and creative ideas!