Businesses/Organizations are given a Stigma-Free Zone Toolkit which includes professionally-made documentary videos and a Virtual Q&A Session Presentation to work towards their Stigma-Free Zone designations by adopting the following criteria.


  1. The Society is willing to explore various avenues with businesses/organizations to encourage and maintain their Stigma-Free Zone environments, such as implementing human resources policies to conducting virtual workplace events. Stigma-Free Zone designations are maintained on an annual basis with a reasonable fee for materials and human resources and virtual Stigma-Free  presenters work with the Stigma-Free Champions on an ongoing basis.
  2. The Stigma-Free Society offers Stigma-Free Zone branding for the organization that encourages staff to take action and live Stigma-Free. The Society offers ACTION posters and window decals for the space once all employees receive a presentation and take the Stigma-Free Pledge and Stigma-Free Test on the Society’s website. Applying these online tools demonstrates an ongoing commitment to a Stigma-Free culture and reminding people that they are in a safe and accepting space.
  3. Stigma-Free Champions are individuals in the workplace who lead and promote ongoing activities to have their business/organization receive the honour of working toward a Stigma-Free Zone designation. Managers support Stigma-Free Champion(s) within the organization to electronically distribute media content via monthly “Stigma-Free Check-ins.”
  4. Organizations then distribute the Society’s selected media content for the ‘Stigma-Free check-ins’ to maintain the Stigma-Free Zone designation. There are various media pieces that will be shared in a simple format of a blog, brief video clip, article, among additional mediums that are ideal for e-mail distribution and/or newsletters.
  5. The Stigma-Free Society offers virtual community presentations to workplaces and various organizations. The business/organization will receive professionally-made documentary videos and virtual presentations over Zoom or Microsoft Teams that last about 30 minutes. A first step towards a Stigma-Free Zone designation is to host a virtual presentation for the business/organization’s employees. The Society is able to accommodate the number of presentations as per the needs of the organization.

Pacific Autism Family Network

Stigma-Free Zone with Ambassador Lucas Gates

Pacific Autism Family Network is the first charity in Canada to be working toward their Stigma-Free Zone designation.

They have a team of Stigma-Free Champions that includes Lucas Gates, Ambassador, Laura Lombardi, Vice President, Foundation and additional staff members with the support of Co-Founders Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia and Sergio Cocchia.

The Stigma-Free Society is excited to be working with this very effective organization and having all of the Stigma-Free Zone criteria complete in the upcoming months.

We are open to hearing from you about your thoughts and ideas for designating stigma-free zones as this movement is in its developing stages. We support and encourage you in maintaining a stigma-free zone that promotes awareness, understanding and acceptance. Please feel free to Contact Us and we look forward to your innovative and creative ideas!