Andrea Paquette

President and Co-Founder

Andrea Paquette, President, SFS, is the Society’s leader, however, she wears many hats for the Charity. Andrea is also a passionate presenter for the Society and is an experienced Speaker/Presenter/Facilitator who lives well with bipolar disorder having been diagnosed for over 17 years. She holds a double major degree in Political Science and Women’s Studies and she has worked for the BC government in the areas of mental health and addictions, social development and education. She is certified in Mental Health First Aid and ASIST Suicide Prevention. She has also been trained and certified in the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Mental Health First Aid course.

Andrea is the 2015 Courage To Come Back Award Recipient in the category of Mental Health given by Coast Mental Health, the 2013 Mel Cooper Citizen of the Year in Victoria, among many more accolades. Andrea has also been awarded the President’s Commendation from the 2019 Psychiatric Association of Canada.

Madeleine Pearce

Programs & Partnerships Manager
School & Community Presenter

Madeleine Pearce is the Programs & Partnerships Senior Manager for Stigma-Free Society. She graduated Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French with a Concentration for Prospective Teachers. She is also trained and certified in Mental Health First Aid and has taken the Peer Support Worker Training with Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH. Passionate about working with youth, she plans to pursue a career in the fields of psychology and education, and work within the mental health community to help spread awareness and reduce stigma. Madeleine has lived experience with mental illness, having been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder when she was 14 years old. She shares her experiences and strategies for maintaining her mental well-being through her work with the Stigma-Free Society, while developing useful resources for the community and building meaningful partnerships with other organizations. She hopes that her contributions to the Stigma-Free Society will help reduce stigma around mental illness, especially for young people like herself.

Samara Liberman

Programs Manager
School & Community Presenter

Samara has a Bachelor’s degree in Equity Studies, Masters in Teaching and a Professional Development certificate in Youth Mental Health. She has worked with young people directly for many years in various capacities: in camps, after school programs, and in the classroom as an educator. She is extremely passionate about mental health, as well as equity issues, and understands these areas often intersect. Samara has been diagnosed with two learning disabilities, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, as well as generalized anxiety disorder and situational depression. These diagnoses have positively informed the way she interacts with young people and have instilled empathy and compassion in her approaches to working with children and youth. Samara is very excited to be a part of the Stigma-Free Society team and is driven to create a future where all forms of stigma are eliminated and every person is able to be their most authentic self without fear of judgement.

Ellen Reimer

Communications Lead
School & Community Presenter

Ellen is an English and Environmental Studies student at the University of Victoria and is excited to join the Stigma-Free Society team as their first Co-op student. She is responsible for assisting staff with communications and the development of Society programming. As someone who has spent a large part of her life in school, Ellen has experienced and witnessed her fellow schoolmates struggle to keep up with expectations in the classroom, while also balancing personal mental health needs. She believes that community care and authentic connection play a big role in her success as a person. In addition, Ellen attributes much of her healing to the natural environment, which has provided her support and comfort during difficult times. Ellen is passionate about sharing her story in the hopes that it will encourage others discover ways to prioritize their mental health through challenging circumstances.

Janet Bisset

Program Coordinator & Executive Assistant

Janet Bisset is currently the Program Coordinator and Executive Assistant at the Stigma-Free Society. Ms. Bisset began travelling at a young age, lived and raised a family in Europe, Eastern USA, Macau South China and returned to Canada in 1986.  Over the years, she balanced mothering duties, education, a career in private enterprise and public health care administration. She is skilled in communications, organization, planning and foresight. Janet is passionate about working with the Stigma-Free Society for she feels the organization does amazing work. She is helping to ‘Stomp out Stigma’ with a unique understanding of various cultures due to her early and extensive travel. Janet is particularly excited to be working and supporting Andrea Paquette who leads the delivery of the Stigma-Free Zone Movement.

Denae Dyck

Women’s Support Group Lead-Facilitator &
Content Creator

Denae Dyck is excited to have the opportunity to bring her passion for storytelling and lifelong learning to the Stigma-Free Society. As Facilitator of the Women’s Peer Support Group, she is committed to making this group a place of empathy and encouragement. An experienced teacher and writer, Denae holds a PhD in English and cares very much about creating cultures of inclusion and hope. She believes that thoughtful conversations about mental wellness play a vital, transformative role in both self-discovery and community building.

Fabian Heinrich

Marketing and Communications Coordinator – Co-op Student

Fabian Heinrich is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the Stigma-Free Society. He is working as a co-op student from the University of Victoria, where he has been studying philosophy and applied ethics. His responsibilities at the Stigma-Free Society include social media management, content creation, and marketing strategies. Fabian is extremely passionate about eliminating stigmas of all kinds, including mental-health related stigmas, as he has had experiences with mental illness and other stigmas in his personal life. Fabian is excited to be participating in the cause of mental health education with the Stigma-Free Society.

EJ Weston

School and Community Presenter

EJ is a School and Community Presenter for the Stigma-Free Society and is extremely passionate about mental health and LGBTQ+ topics with the intersectionality of both subjects. EJ is able to talk openly about their experience with their own mental health, sexuality, gender identity and the effects stigma has on it. As a non-binary person, and having recovered from addictions, EJ is a person living with complex PTSD and depression, who understands the importance of asking for help.  They believe that we are able to change people’s lives and create meaningful change when we share our stories and experiences.

Gia Khunkhun

School and Community Presenter

Gia K. is an 11-year old girl with a big heart and unique mind. She believes her dyslexia is a gift that gives her the ability to see the world in a different, exciting and refreshing way. For example, she likes to combine, flip and make up words. Gia is a “possibiltarian” – someone who believes in possibilities! Gia is a senior volunteer with Dolphin KIDS: Future-ready Leaders where she helps teach younger children important social, emotional and innovation skills. She is passionate about nature, team sports, art & science. Gia’s motto is “work hard, think positive, make the world a better place & have fun!” She would to love to talk to your school about dyslexia, how she overcame the stigma of a learning difference and why it is now her great gift!

Cam Webster

School and Community Presenter

Cam Webster age 24, first hospitalized with Psychosis N.O.S. (Not Otherwise Specified) in July of 2014, less than one month after his 19th birthday. His illness developed and he was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder 2 years later. This came as a shock because there is no history of this condition or any other major mental health issues in his family. His passions includes science, history and sports. Cam has taught C.B.T. classes for Island Health and he has also taught W.R.A.P. (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) workshops through M.H.R.P. (Mental Health Recovery Partners.) Cam has been sharing his mental health story for 3 years now to try and raise awareness, break stigma and help others.