Andrea Paquette

Society President, Spokesperson and School & Community Presenter

Andrea Paquette, President, SFS, is a passionate Presenter for the Stigma-Free Zone Classroom and Community presentations program. Andrea is an experienced Speaker/Presenter/Facilitator who lives well with bipolar disorder having been diagnosed for over 14 years. She holds a double major degree in Political Science and Women’s Studies and she has worked for the BC government in the areas of mental health and addictions, social development and education. She is certified in Mental Health First Aid and ASIST Suicide Prevention. She has also been trained and certified in the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Mental Health First Aid course.

Andrea is the named 2015 Courage To Come Back recipient in mental health from Coast Mental Health, and a winner at the Vancouver Island Business and Community Awards – Top 20 Under 40. In 2013, Andrea received a prestigious Reintegration Award for Mentorship from the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare in their Awards of Excellence, as well as the CFAX Mel Cooper Citizen of the Year Award in Victoria. She is a published author and a well-known blogger for Bipolar Magazine and the Stigma-Free Zone Blog, both internationally and highly acclaimed recognized websites.