The Women’s Group is no longer a program of the Stigma-Free Society.

The Women’s group started back in 2014 under the original umbrella of the Bipolar Disorder Society of BC, which is now the Stigma-Free Society.

The Society once had a focus on peer support programs, but 2 additional groups were ended years back due to low participation. The only group that survived and weathered the changes throughout the years, but not without its struggles, is the Women’s Group.

I am so pleased that this group has helped so many wonderful people and I am glad that you have had a place to go for support. That was my intention from the very start.

Due to funding and capacity constraints for the Society, I mentioned a couple of months ago that we are closing the Women’s Group with March 28th being its last night. HOWEVER, we do not want to leave you unsupported, so I sought out another virtual platform with a group for women and mental wellness/mental health.

It is a FREE service, but you can pay any amount if you wish to contribute to the facilitators, but you don’t have to.

Change can be hard, but I am extending an invitation to everyone to attend many different types of support groups in EST time. This group is in Ottawa and please have a look at the many online support groups they offer, including a women’s group:

Here is the site:

We have been in touch with them, and they are excited to have women from our group now attend their groups.

They have a list of groups from things such as:

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • ADHD Support
  • Eating Disorders
  • Dealing with Depression
  • Recovery from Trauma
  • Managing Bipolar
  • Women’s Group for Self Love and Self Esteem
  • And more…

This organization has the resources and capacity to deliver these types of support groups when, unfortunately, Stigma-Free Society does not. We have put a lot of thought into the closure and worked to ensure that you continue to be supported. I know it is a different time and date, but is a similar virtual structure, and a great opportunity to meet with even more new people too.

It has been an honour to host this group for 8 years.

You may also contact the moderators from the Pay What You Can site here: Simply scroll to the bottom of the page.

Thank you all and much support to you.