StigmaZero Workplace Training Program

In partnership with the Stigma-Free Society

Through StigmaZero’s innovative Create Your StigmaZero Workplace online training program, they provide companies of all sizes the training, tools and programs to end the stigma of mental illness in the workplace. They are striving for a world without stigma – one workplace at a time.

StigmaZero’s program provides your workforce with:

Training and tools needed to better respond to mental illness

Specific strategies to eliminate stigma

Strategies to address the associated costs and lost productivity

Training targeted to the different needs and perspectives of employees, managers and HR personnel

Knowledge and skills in mental health literacy for all staff in your workplace

StigmaZero’s Founder Jason Finucan personally offers you a complimentary virtual 30-minute introductory session to answer all of your questions.

Jason Finucan

Founder of StigmaZero

Author of the book Jason: 1, Stigma: 0 – My battle with mental illness at home and in the workplace, mental health advocate, stigma fighter, professional speaker, founder of StigmaZero and instructor of the programs found within The StigmaZero Online Training Academy. Jason has faced both physical and mental illness, and shares his personal experiences with impactful storytelling techniques blended with rigorous research in order to mobilize knowledge and perspective. His goal is for everyone to understand this important topic so they are empowered to make a real change and ultimately join his vision for a future without stigma. This is a mental health movement, and by making this difficult topic interesting, accessible and consumable, Jason hopes you will be a part of it. Visit for more information.

Program cost varies by size of the company and number of employees. When you register for the ‘Create Your StigmaZero Workplace’ through the Stigma-Free Society, 20% of proceeds go directly to our Charity.

Included in

the Program: