shutterstock_128132984-2-768x512The Stigma Free Society is passionate about stomping out stigma in the community and workplace.  Andrea Paquette, President, Stigma-Free Society has delivered presentations and keynote speeches to over 4000 people at various venues such as the Canada Revenue Agency, Young Entrepreneurs Society, Rotary Clubs, Royal Bank, University of Victoria, non-profit organizations and additional businesses.  Our presenters will attend any community event and they are tailored for your requirements. Our Charity Community Presenters offer presentations to various community organizations such as the Canada Revenue Agency, Pacific Autism Family Network – Autism Hub, Island Health, among a number of additional organizations.

It is especially important to stomp out stigma in the workplace and a personal story about living with a mental health condition helps get the message out that awareness, understanding and acceptance are encouraged by employers.  A presentation also creates an environment that ignites stigma free conversations, which encourages empathy and understanding among co-workers. Our inspirational Presenters also deliver workshops and Keynote speeches at conferences.

Feel free to contact us for a community presentation for your business/organization and work toward a Stigma-Free Zone designation today!

We are currently working with some amazing organizations such as YMCA, The Autism Hub in Richmond, Arts Umbrella, Coast Mental Health and so many more. Join the Stigma-Free Zone movement and promote awareness, understanding and acceptance in your workplace!

Stigma-Free Zone Community Presentations Summary

  • Presenters share an introduction on the topic of mental health stigma with powerful impacting images surrounding the subject of mental illness. They encourage discussion and specifically engage participants on the topic of mental illness stigma.
  • The presenter shares their personal and inspiring story of living with and managing a mental illness, which emphasizes that we all have struggles, but no matter what our challenges, we can live extraordinary lives.
  • The conversation about stigma is expanded upon as the presenter educates on the various stigmas in society with impacting images and stories of inspiring people who face various stigmas, but have demonstrated outstanding resiliency.
  • Presenters share about the importance of mental wellness and living a stigma-free life.
  • The presentation has a brief Q&A period where participants are open to ask questions and engage in discussion.
  • Attendees are encouraged to take the Stigma-Free Tool after their day is complete as participants have had the rest of the day to ponder their learnings.
  • Participants are given a ’10 Tips for Mental Health Management’ hand-out to ensure they reflect on ways they can stay mentally well.