Kristiyana Yordanova

School and Community Presenter

Meet Kristiyana Yordanova

Compassionate, Positive, Radiant


As a speaker, my strengths are my ability to confidently and authentically present my story, and make others feel as if they are not alone. My biggest strength is my vulnerability.

Topics of expertise:

Depression, anxiety, positivity and well being, meditations, spirituality, awareness of bullying, toxic environments and abuse.

3 ways to describe your talk:

  • Genuine
  • Self Awareness & Introspection
  • Strength

Presenters are chosen at random to allow for equitable participation in our program.

Kristiyana Yordanova is currently enrolled in the Psychology Program at the University of British Columbia. She is pursuing her passion studying both Psychology and Neuroscience. She is currently fulfilling her dream in becoming a clinical psychologist, and helping women feel empowered by means of education and more affordable therapy. Along with her career goals, Kristiyana is an aspiring author of Forbidden Words. She has written about the difficulties of toxic relationships and spiritual growth. Being crowned as a Miss World BC finalist 2022, Kristiyana has shown extensive volunteer work, contributing to various community and charitable events supporting causes like women’s empowerment, education workshops for mental health in youth, and women’s shelters. As the Youth Ambassador for BC, she represented her city and province with pride. She will also be partaking in Miss World Canada 2022.

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