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Stigma Free Society’s Program Delivery & Covid-19

Stigma Free Society's Program Delivery & Covid-19

In light of the current uncertainty surrounding the spread of Covid-19; the Stigma Free Society has determined that our responsibility to our staff and the community is best served by suspending all group gatherings, school presentations and public interactions effectively immediately. As such, the women’s group meetings, school and business presentations and other activities, which would involve group assemblies in close proximity are canceled at this time.

Canada’s pandemic goals, which are first, to minimize serious illness and overall deaths, and second to minimize societal disruption among Canadians. This approach will guide Canada’s response to COVID-19. This guidance considers the Canadian context and is based on currently available scientific evidence, expert opinion and public health assumptions. We will continue to follow their lead and respond to their recommendations.

We thank you graciously for your understanding and we will resume our program delivery in the future when it is safe to do so.

Let’s support and continue to demonstrate kindness, understanding, and acceptance of ourselves and others during these challenging times.


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