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The Stigma-Free Society is Hiring a new Community Development Manager!

The Stigma-Free Society is Hiring a new Community Development Manager!

Come and Join our Amazing Stigma-Free Zone Team!

Please note: The Position has been filled as of October 10, 2017

Place: Stigma-Free Society – Vancouver, BC


Stigma-Free Society –

Position: Community Development Manager (CDM)

Community Development Manager Duties:


  • Work as part of the Stigma-Free Task Force and manage the recruitment, operations and administration on an ongoing basis in a leadership role;
  • Lead the development and management of the Society’s Advisory Council;
  • Work in partnership with Society Grant Writer and President on Society fundraising applications;
  • Develop Strategic and Annual Plans in conjunction with President and board members;
  • Monitor service delivery effectiveness with program evaluation processes in partnership with performance measurement experts ;
  • Act in an administration role as necessary for the effective operations of the Society;
  • Play a key role in organizing, planning and executing the Annual General Meeting as required;
  • Build on existing community partnerships and strive to develop new public/private sector relationships by establishing and following up on Stigma-Free Zones in schools, businesses/orgs and geographical areas;
  • Design and execute successful fundraising events managing numerous volunteers and logistics;
  • Design and conduct presentations to community groups to community organizations and schools as needed;
  • Assist in the development of additional Society programs in Metro Vancouver;
  • Assist families and individuals to seek out appropriate resources for care;
  • Work effectively with the Executive Assistant/Program Coordinator and additional Society staff in a non-managerial position;
  • Draft a new human resources policy for the Society under the direction of the President;
  • Design a ‘Stigma-Free Zone Manual’ that outlines the details of the Stigma-Free Zone Movement criteria whilst consulting Society staff, volunteers and various community members;
  • Network and represent the Society and attend meetings on behalf of the President upon request;
  • Design documents pertinent to the operations of the Board of Directors such as board and staff job descriptions/contracts, board charter, policy and additional documents as necessary;
  • Assist with the design and delivery of the Stigma-Free Speakers Training in partnership with Coast Mental Health;
  • Take a lead role in the development and execution of the Stigma-Free Zone Movement in BC and additional provinces such as Manitoba and Member of Parliament offices in Ottawa, ON;
  • Assist President with financial reporting to funders by drafting necessary documents;
  • Assist with items such as the Society newsletter, website, traditional media and advertisements;
  • Be flexible and open to conducting tasks that are not identified in the Community Development Manager’s job description that allows for adaptability, versatility and assistance to the President;
  • Possess basic computer software experience: Outlook, Excel, Power Point


Possess refined communication skills in all aspects and be personable;

Post-Secondary Education (Diploma, Bachelors, or Masters) in non-profit management, human resources and/or business;

Demonstrated employment and/or volunteer experience in the non-profit realm, preferably in Metro Vancouver; and

Possess experience as per the above job description in the majority of duties outlined.

Flexible application process and seeking skilled individual with demonstrated expertise.

Please note: The Position has been filled as of October 10, 2017



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