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Join us at Movie Monday – August 11 w Andrea Paquette and Erin Michalak – Hosted by Bruce Saunders

Join us at Movie Monday - August 11 w Andrea Paquette and Erin Michalak - Hosted by Bruce Saunders

Movie Monday – August 11, 6:30 pm Eric Martin Pavilion JOIN US at Movie Monday!
“The great thing about ‘Of Two Minds’, a documentary on bipolar disorder, is that it doesn't dwell on the clinical or pharmaceutical. We hear from the experts, and we learn about medications and health insurance nightmares. But this is a film about people, brave souls willing to reveal personal stories of the torment raging inside their brains. 
Writer-directors Doug Blush and Lisa Klein (whose late sister suffered from bipolar disorder), took great pains and untold hours documenting a wide range of folks who share their histories and emotions through interviews, videos, artwork and journals” We also see the rich, creative lives many on the bipolar spectrum live.
This documentary is a fantastic starting point for discussion with the Co-Leads on an exciting new collaborative project with youth who live with bipolar disorder: The Bipolar Youth Action Project! 
Dr. Erin Michalak of the UBC Dept. of Psychiatry and Andrea Paquette, the renowned Bipolar Babe and Executive Director of the Bipolar Disorders Society of BC, will join us for a lively conversation about mental health, to share information about the Bipolar Youth Action Project and how you can get involved, and, especially, to answer your questions. 
Learn more before you join us!                                                                                       
Visit online: 
•  CREST BD                     
•  Bipolar Babe  http://                          
•  Mood Disorders Association of BC


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