Hiring Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit Project Contributor

The Stigma-Free Society is a Canadian Charity registered since 2010 that aims to reduce stigma of all kinds while providing mental health education for youth. For over 10 years, we have been leading mental health educational program where we provide in-person presentations, and have already reached 50,000+ students across British Columbia.

We are now embarking on an amazing journey with developing our new online Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit.

We are seeking an expert in the field of Rural Mental Health to be a Project Contributor and Content Creator to work along the Society’s President and Communications and Project Manager.

Current Stigma-Free Society Virtual Mental Health Toolkits may be found here:

Student Mental Health Toolkit: www.studentmentalhealthtoolkit.com

Stigma-Free COVID-19 Youth Wellness Toolkit: www.stigmafreetoolkit.com

We are developing a new “Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit” that will be developed over the next 3 weeks.

Our team requires an outstanding individual with the following qualities and abilities:

·       MUST have lived experience and/or expertise in the area of rural mental health and wellness

·       Relevant knowledge of North American farming industry;

·       Meaningful knowledge of Indigenous mental health issues for rural and remote areas;

·       Proven Research and writing abilities for all ages;

·       Highly productive and rapid producing contractor with refined skills for detail oriented work;

·       Ability to write scripts for illustrated animations and organize content for online purposes;

·       Draft written content for a variety of purposes in populating the Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit;

·       Creative and thoughtful approach to program development;

·       Proven experience with being part of a Project Management Team;

·       Make connections with potential partners for Toolkit program in the USA and Canada;

·       Versatile individual in willingness to conduct a variety of tasks to complete a project in a timely manner;

·       Ability to communicate effectively with a team is key; and

·       Proven ability to meet strict deadlines with past project experience.

We are hiring a contractor during the week of November 9th, 2020. Compensation is equated with experience and the Society is open to price negotiations.

Apply with your Cover Letter and CV today outlining how your experience matches with the job’s requirements.


Andrea Paquette, President and Co-Founder

E-mail: [email protected]

E-mail with any questions. No phone calls.

The contract is for 30 days only to assist with the initial and post-development of the Rural Mental Health Toolkit online.

Position is remote and prefer an individual from rural Texas or USA.

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