The Stigma-Free Society is on a mission to help people across Canada who are suffering from mental health issues. Whether you’re a student struggling with learning, a family living the rural farm life who is having trouble coping day-to-day, or a senior experiencing the mental health challenges of living alone, we’ve got a mental health toolkit that will help!

To date, we’ve created 3 Mental Health Toolkits – each one targeting a different demographic. It’s our hope to continue producing helpful resources and activities and stomp out the stigma associated with mental health.

Please choose the toolkit that’s right for you by clicking on one of the three images below:

Individuals living in rural and agricultural communities across North America are experiencing unique challenges to their mental health. Farmers and rural communities need and deserve mental health support and resources as they have some of the highest levels of mental health issues.

The Rural Mental Health Toolkit provides tailored resources focused on the rural audience, including specific resources for youth, families and seniors.

Student Mental Health Toolkit

There is an ongoing need to improve children and adolescents’ access to mental health support services during the current pandemic and beyond. This should involve education surrounding the importance of health and provide strategies to develop healthy coping mechanisms.

The Student Mental Health Toolkit is for youth, educators, school counsellors, and parents/guardians, who want to teach and promote mental wellness for Grades 4-7 and 8-12.

COVID-19 Toolkit

The COVID-19 Youth Wellness Toolkit will be useful to educators who want to help generate conversations with students during their online schooling or to help explain COVID-19 to students suffering from mental health challenges.

This toolkit will inform educators and students in grades 4-6 and grades 7-12 about mental well-being, with an emphasis on living a Stigma-Free life.