One in five Canadians experiences challenges with mental health, and everyone agrees that more must be done about it.

The Stigma-Free Society is taking active measures to end the stigma around mental health. With a focus on youth and people living in rural communities, we provide educational Toolkits to help those in need improve mental wellness and stomp out the stigma associated with this pervasive, growing affliction.

To continue our good work and expand our activities, we need your help.

Your donation can change a life. It can change many lives. Whether it’s helping a teenager talk about their depression, encouraging a young boy to open up about his anxiety, or educating a teacher on how to help a struggling student, our work is healing in action.

But we can’t do it without your support.

The more we raise, the more we can improve mental health for kids, teenagers, and people in rural communities with our targeted and effective educational resources.

Thank you to Otsuka-Lundbeck Alliance for a $12,500 kick off donation.

Thank you to the Richardson Family Fund for matching donations up to $50,000!

Donate now to help us hit our target of $750,000!

What we do…and how we do it!

The Stigma-Free Society provides resources and other tools for educators, mental health professionals, caregivers, and youth organizations. These vital tools raise awareness about how to discuss and support those experiencing mental health challenges.

Around 3,000 people view and use our Student Mental Health Toolkit every month, totaling over 25,000 visitors since we first launched in Fall 2021. Over 8,500 young people will receive a Stigma-Free Presentation in their classroom this year annually. Our Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit has brought education and hope to over 6,000 people in remote communities across Canada since its inception in Spring 2021.

Join us on May 26 to Stomp out Stigma with 2 Events

Event #1 – 10am-3pm

Stigma-Free Faces

Guest Interviews and Personal Stories

We are featuring an interview video series of featured guests from across British Columbia who support mental wellness in the community.

Our video also showcases personal inspiring stories around mental health and those sharing their courageous voices to stomp out stigma!

Event #2 – 3pm-4pm

Livestream w/Andrea Paquette, SFS President

Our second feature is a Livestream Event with Andrea Paquette, President of Stigma-Free Society.

Join her to pose questions to learn about the Society and the incredible impact that our programs have in the lives of countless individuals.

Donate now to make a real difference in the lives of Canadian students and rural residents and stomp out the stigma around mental health!