City of Victoria, B.C.

In partnership with the City of Victoria, the Stigma-Free Society hosted a Stigma-Free Zone Community Event on March 20th, 2018. The purpose of the event ignited dialogue around mental health and stigma, and announced that the City of Victoria is committed to working toward their Stigma-Free Zone designation for City Hall and the city itself in the upcoming years.




Mayor Lisa Helps and Councillor Jeremy Loveday attened the event and expressed the importance of mental health and stigma-reducing strategies to make the City of Victoria a Stigma-Free Zone. Andrea Paquette, President, Stigma-Free Society, and Robyn Thomas, Community Development Manager for Vancouver Island, also shared their authentic and honest journeys through mental illness and stigma.

“The City of Victoria’s commitment to become a Stigma-Free Zone is a significant step and we hope that other cities throughout BC and eventually Canada will follow”, says Paquette.

Andrea Paquette, Councillor Jeremy Loveday & Robyn Thomas

Geographical areas may be designated as a Stigma-Free Zone. Specific stigma-reducing activities, hosting mental health presentations, as well as conducting a needs assessment are examples of the criteria involved in becoming a Stigma-Free Zone.

The Stigma-Free Society is proud to share their official partnership with the City of Victoria in designating the City as a Stigma-Free Zone, and a youth intern in partnership with Robyn Thomas, will author a Stigma-Free Zone Manual by Fall 2018 to determine the specifics of a geographical Stigma-Free Zone for cities.