As I stepped off the plane yesterday in Kamloops, I was thrilled to see my mother and Daddio2.  Her body`s frame had changed and her smile beamed in a way that I had not seen in such a long time.  She had lost a significant amount of weight and she was so tiny to hold.  Having […]

Mental Health Leave From Work

Even Bipolar Babe's sunshine dims from time and time and I have found myself in a place that I have not been since 2005, which is needing some healing time away from work.  I noticed that I begun struggling  a couple of months ago to get to work and requested a later start time as […]

Bipolar Babe Benefit – I am grateful 4 all of you!

As I sit here I realize I am in total awe with the amount of amazing people I have met and worked with during this fundraiser.  As I have been leading up the organization of the benefit I have come into contact with many wonderful people.  I am inspired, especially for those that purchased 50 […]

Where do 'I' Begin?

Well here I am feeling inspired, creative and so grateful to be here writing a wonderful post to you folks. It is late and we all know how important it is for us 'bipolars' to get our sleep.  We can lose our heads if we are not careful!!   I have no trouble sleeping in but the […]

The Green Mask Mystery

 Well, get this!  As I was feeling pretty darn blue last night as you already knew, I was waiting for my beloved kitty 'Mango' to come home for a very long time!  She is usually home by 9pm, then 10, 11, 12…came along.  I surely thought she was dead.  I kept telling myself not to […]


 It really just hit me tonight.  My best friend asks 'Are you excited about going to the 'Evening to Inspire Event' at the Empress on Tuesday evening?'  I realized I wasn't, not at all.  This was only a night of amazing speakers, good friends and I failed to make it to the mall twice this weekend […]

Wow! What a Bipolar Babe Team!

I just facilitated a 2 hour long bipolar babe Fundraiser meeting.  We are throwing a kicking 250 people event showcasing struts, beats and education on November 27, 09 at the Victoria Event Centre.  I will tell you more about the event itself in the next couple of Blogs but just wanted to share my feelings of gratitude […]

Psychosis-what is that anyway! Babe has been there!

 I have been meaning to write about this topic for quite some time now.  I talk to a lot of people and I tell them that I was in 'psychosis' and they say 'oh really…what's that mean?"  Well, here is my super hero story for you to share with others.  I was in Ottawa Ontario in […]

Bipolar Babe Features Hair Garden Salon Photoshoot

Things are glowing and amazing around the babe scene and no it is not psychosis!  🙂  Bipolar Babe in collaboration with the Hair Garden Salon is doing a photo shoot this Sunday with amazing photographer Frances Litman for our 'Bipolar Babe Fundraiser – Hair and Art Show'.  The hair diva and I have been innovative […]

It's for the Kids! Crystal Meth Prevention Society

Wow!  Life has been fabulous!  It has been a whirlwind of meetings, people and meeting people!  Bipolar Babe is booming!  Today, I attended a very interesting and moving Annual General Meeting tonight at the Crystal Meth Prevention Society.  I never knew such a group existed and here I am a confirmed paid member of this amazing Society as of […]

Having a Parent with a Mental Illness

I had the best parents growing up who cared for me deeply. Dad was working graveyards a lot and it was not very often that I would completely fall asleep until I got my goodnight kiss from him. Mom was always making things fun, play dough, construction paper and encouraging my creative side. There were […]

Sometimes we forget those closest to us…

It is funny how quite often we tend to forget to praise and recognize those closest to us.  I had a particular man come into my life, nearly right from the dawn of Bipolar Babe…he never even met me and offered me his services, his office, ink from his printer, down to anything I needed […]

Doing it for the Kids!

 As many of you know I have been pondering whether to incorporate and become a nonprofit organization or remain a project for now.  I filled out all the paper work but something inside me was telling me to slow down…I tend to like things now now now!!  Then I slowed down a little tonight and […]

Go Easy on Yourself!

Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed, tired, possessing a lack to do very much.  I think no matter who we are, we often feel this way…it is nothing to get down about or certainly beat yourself up.  In this society we often feel down on ourselves because we are not producing effectively and getting things done […]

A New Chapter…

Life gets intriguing when a page turns and a new chapter begins.  I recently found out that I was successful for a temporary appointment working in mental health as a Project Manager and I start next week!  It feels seamless, as if this is exactly what is supposed to take place next in my book.   At […]

Being an Advocate and a Friend

I went and visited my mom today.  I saw her yesterday too and she was basically 'alive' but had no response-they call it catatonia.  I have never seen her like this before and it scared me tremendously!  As I held my mother she just stared at me with little or no response.  Today was better […]

It is not like a Broken Leg, there is nothing you can 'fix'

 I came face to face with the reality today that treating someone with a mental illness is a very tricky and difficult venture.  My mother is in the psych ward in the Kamloops hospital and I took the trip out here from Victoria to visit my step-dad and see my mother in short intervals.  She […]


Here it is nearly 1AM and I am writing a BLOG to all of you who care to read it, hopefully someone is…lol  I realized a lot of things tonight and from recent days past.  I sometimes complain about the weather, and others are bored with their jobs, but I see the sunshine in most […]

Can't be Serious all the Time – Smoothie and the Couch!

I can’t believe what I just did!  I was sitting on the couch balancing my strawberry and banana smoothie on my belly as I chatted to my sister via phone and WHAM! …all to the side of me and down the inside of my leather couch!!  OMG!!!  Don’t worry I survived it!  lol Well today I operated on […]

Real Friends are with you no matter what…

There have been many times in my life where I thought people were my ‘real’ friends.  I met with an old friend of mine from way back in the day tonight and it had been a long time since we hung out.  It was so refreshing as we were able to truly just be ourselves, […]