Go Easy on Yourself!

Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed, tired, possessing a lack to do very much.  I think no matter who we are, we often feel this way…it is nothing to get down about or certainly beat yourself up.  In this society we often feel down on ourselves because we are not producing effectively and getting things done […]

A New Chapter…

Life gets intriguing when a page turns and a new chapter begins.  I recently found out that I was successful for a temporary appointment working in mental health as a Project Manager and I start next week!  It feels seamless, as if this is exactly what is supposed to take place next in my book.   At […]

Being an Advocate and a Friend

I went and visited my mom today.  I saw her yesterday too and she was basically 'alive' but had no response-they call it catatonia.  I have never seen her like this before and it scared me tremendously!  As I held my mother she just stared at me with little or no response.  Today was better […]

It is not like a Broken Leg, there is nothing you can 'fix'

 I came face to face with the reality today that treating someone with a mental illness is a very tricky and difficult venture.  My mother is in the psych ward in the Kamloops hospital and I took the trip out here from Victoria to visit my step-dad and see my mother in short intervals.  She […]


Here it is nearly 1AM and I am writing a BLOG to all of you who care to read it, hopefully someone is…lol  I realized a lot of things tonight and from recent days past.  I sometimes complain about the weather, and others are bored with their jobs, but I see the sunshine in most […]

Can't be Serious all the Time – Smoothie and the Couch!

I can’t believe what I just did!  I was sitting on the couch balancing my strawberry and banana smoothie on my belly as I chatted to my sister via phone and WHAM! …all to the side of me and down the inside of my leather couch!!  OMG!!!  Don’t worry I survived it!  lol Well today I operated on […]

Real Friends are with you no matter what…

There have been many times in my life where I thought people were my ‘real’ friends.  I met with an old friend of mine from way back in the day tonight and it had been a long time since we hung out.  It was so refreshing as we were able to truly just be ourselves, […]

For anyone who has ever lost someone they love

 In times of doubt and times of pain, When it feels the sky is pouring rain. Remember there is a lining beyond the sky, Even when we are forced to say goodbye. In the end, I truly think we just fall asleep. No more reasons for us to ache and weep. It pains our friends […]

I am Putting A Call out for Bipolar Babe Recruits!!

Now this is a fierce and impressive lil super hero!  I somehow started calling her ‘Depressed Diva’ as Bipolar Babe needs companions in her fight against stigma.  Diva never even knew me and upon hearing about my project, she instantly jumped on board without any questions, concerns or hesitation and she has created our wonderful babe website!  She […]

Like a Movie in Your Head, 'PLAY it Forward'!

Last night I was told that my mother had been admitted to the psychiatric ward.  My initial feeling was worry and concern, but promptly I was reassured by my step-father’s presence that she is in good hands.  A few hours had past and I started to feel very intense emotions such as fear, hurt, isolation and […]


This is Andrea, AKA Bipolar Babe, and I want to thank you for taking the time to check out the new site! I believe some people might be shy at first, but once we get this conversation rolling we are gonna kick some serious stigma butt! Please have a look around the site and come […]