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Peer Support Training for Rural Residents

In partnership with Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH, the Stigma-Free Society is proud to announce our upcoming Peer Support Worker Training sessions, tailored specifically for rural residents in Canada. This two-day virtual course will be held on May 30th and June 6th (8am – 4pm PST, 10am – 6pm CST, 11am – 7pm EST, with […]

Stigma-Free Faces Fundraiser

  The Stigma-Free Society is excited to announce our upcoming… Stigma-Free Faces Fundraiser May 26th 2022! The Stigma-Free Society is a decade long trusted Charity that has done a significant amount of work in eliminating stigma of all kinds and promoting mental wellness. There is a growing need to support the mental health of individuals […]

Five Tips for Students to Support Their Mental Health

Written by Jill Jaworski Students manage a lot: keeping up with classes, preparing for midterms and exams, making new friends and navigating the transition that happens after high school. The student experience is often stressful, and can feel isolating, as students learn to cope with new expectations and a demanding workload. This is exactly why […]

Pay What You Can Peer Support

Pay What You Can Peer Support was founded by Daniel Cole, who kindly spoke with us about what peer support is and how this unique and easily accessible form of support can be a profound mental health resource. The Stigma-Free Society has recently partnered with Pay What You Can Peer Support to encourage all participants […]

A Tribute to Janet Bisset – An Astounding Stigma-Free Champion

My name is Andrea Paquette, and I am the Co-Founder and President of the Stigma-Free Society. I am writing today to share a personal tribute to Janet (Jan) Bisset who once was my Executive Assistant and Program Coordinator. I met Jan in 2016 through her son Philip who is a good friend and colleague of mine, […]

Fusing “The Best of the East and the West” in Mental Health Care

We tend to think that our understanding of mental health is only way to understand the mind, but learning about various cultural perspectives on health and mental wellness can benefit us all. Dr. Arun Garg describes himself as “a global physician with a passion to lower the burden of chronic diseases, based on integrative thinking, […]

Why It’s Important to Address Mental Health in Your Children as Soon as Possible

Children are thought to be happy-go-lucky little people with no care in the world. They don’t have to worry about working, paying bills, or dealing with grown-up challenges. So, how could they have mental health problems? This thought pattern has caused children with mental health struggles to be overlooked. Lack of information on mental health […]

What is Psychosis and How Can We Support People Through This Misunderstood State?

Psychosis isn’t talked about as often as anxiety and depression, and therefore there is a great deal of misunderstanding and fear around the condition. Media representations of people experiencing an episode of psychosis can be extremely negative and stigmatizing, influencing how we talk about and treat people with psychosis. Even the term “psychotic” is often […]