The vision of all ALL IN Family is to create a platform where family members can find support for their own wellness, to create a community where all members of the family are thriving, feel supported, and never alone in their family mental health journey. We believe every member of the family plays a part in the family mental health story. “Family is to us whatever family is to you.

We wholeheartedly embrace the family of choice as well as the traditional family model.” Kirsten and Charlotte share their mission at ALL IN Family: “Through the lens of lived experience of family members in relation to mental health and/or addictions, we provide value-based peer support, workshops and education that build a community of understanding, acceptance and hope for family members while supporting their own wellbeing.”

It is through their own lived experience and passion for family peer support that ALL IN Family has connected and supported over 1,500 families to date. In Charlotte’s and Kirsten’s words, they are just getting started.

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